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We assure the product’s quality and performance through many different procedures provided by our quality system as following:

>>All measuring inspection equipment was calibrated in HS Group.

a)《Electrodes Inspection Report》

b)《Standard Component Check Report》(Such as: ejector pin, sleeve guide pin and bushing, angular lifter, plug and cooling connector Etc.)

c)《Steel Inspection Report》 (We need to check critica dimension in the processing)

d)《FAI Report (First Article Inspection Report)》

e)《CPK Check Report》 (Capability process index)

f)《PPAP Report》(We can provide this report if the customer require to submit.)

g)《Parts Quality Criteria》

h)《Molding Parameter Sheet》

i)《Moldbase Check Report》

j)《Material Certificate》

k)《Heat Treatment Certification》

l)《Tooling Evaluation and Approved Report》( before mold shipment, we have to send it to the customer for confirming)

m)《Mold Checking List before shipping》

n)《Tooling quality feed back report》



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